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Bob’s Date - One4Review

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4 stars

Bob is going on a date. The first time for nearly two years since he had his heart broken by some woman. Obviously there  are potential problems, but don’t worry, the guys are there to keep all in under control.

They all enter, Logic, Nerves, Libido, Bull, & Confidence but where are Emotion and Memory?

This is a very well written play by John Shanahan directed by  Danny Olssen and Ben Schwarz with all these seven emotions characterised with skill and some of the funniest lines you will find on the Fringe this year

So who is in charge. Logic thinks he is, Libido thinks he should be Confidence is to the fore, Nerves doesn’t want to be there at all, and Logic doesn’t want  Bull there at all. And why weren’t the ladies invited Emotion and Memory eventually find out and appear but haw will it all go

The seven emotions ware played by Andy McKeane, Pip Brignall, Adam Donaldson, Kit Stiby Harris, Dani Cancelliere, Kate Wikinson and Toma Saunders and really are all that is indicated by their names.

So who will triumph? Logic over Memory, Confidence over Emotions? Will Bull be required and how about Libido, is it required or will all be marred by Nerves.

To answer these questions and more go check out this production for a very enjoyable early afternoon hour.


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