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Killing Time - One4Review

‘Killing Time’ by Richard Stockwell is billed as a fast-paced Psychological thriller, it is all that and more.  Cleverly directed by Jacqui Garbett and beautifully performed by both Claudia Christian and George Calil this performance cleverly draws you in to the seemingly innocent meeting of two desperate characters. Claudia as Jane is seduced into admitting the disappointments of her marriage to a violent husband who has a secretive and questionable past. Is she as innocent and helpless as she seems or will this situation peel away the veneer of middle class elegance and reveal a sinister hard edge. Is Rick’s meeting with Jane a chance encounter or a cleverly engineered situation of his making? George Calil as Rick, adds a sensual intriguing foil with which the writer carves both characters from the initial  personal projections, layer by layer to show us the desperate characters dormant within both Jane and Rick. The twists and turns of the plot lead us on a journey within which our sympathies start off with Jane but definitely, but finally support Rick. The piece is very cleverly written and Jacqui Garbett’s direction aids the overall enjoyment. Both actors have a wealth of experience on TV and in Film, I thought the faces were familiar.  This could easily become one of the must see shows of the Fringe. **** reviewed by Sheila Kay Jack 2 August 2006.

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