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Success Story - One4Review

Success Story is quality in every way – funny yet intensely moving. The plot is powerful and riveting. The cast excel in meeting the challenges of the dialogue under the direction of Chris Lincé. Set in contemporary Hollywood, the opening scene depicts Raymond (Brett Goldstein) being interviewed by a Terri (Elinor Lawless), a fawning reporter. Raymond is English and the writer/director of a film, his first, which is being nominated for an Oscar. He is the centre of huge media interest. The attention and banal questions are driving him demented. Katie (Susanna Herbert), his assistant and fiancé, is trying to keep him focussed since he is scheduled to give a whole succession of interviews. Next up is Tara (Felicity Wren), from a British newspaper. It is apparent that there is a past between them. Raymond manages to persuade Katie to leave on a flimsy pretext. At this point, I cannot give any further plot details because the drama really begins as the intimacy and complexity of their relationship which ended six years previously is exposed. Nor would it be fair to hint at how the play reaches its conclusion.   Brett Goldstein deserves much praise for not only taking on the role of Raymond but especially for writing this emotionally charged and realistic drama. ****   

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