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My Name is Rachel Corrie - One4Review

Alan Rickman’s involvement as producer of ‘My Name Is Rachel Corrie’ will certainly draw the crowds, but for me this play has much, much more to it than the simple involvement of a big-name star. In a one-woman performance we are taken briefly through the life of American activist, Rachel Corrie. Beginning with an exploration of Rachel’s life in America, her thoughts are full of playful imagery, enthusiasm and a sense of optimism in what she does. A progression to her experiences in Palestine become more staccato, factual reports filled with guilt, despair and, above all, anger. The main thrust of the action is Rachel’s political sensibilities, but we also learn of Rachel the person; what motivates her, how she has become who she is and how her activities impact upon those around her, her parents and friends. Since it’s a singular performance it’s very important that the acting hits the mark and the actress portraying Rachel was superb. She held my attention throughout, and filled Rachel’s words with personality and feeling. It was a very timely, powerful piece of theatre indeed.  Upon leaving I found myself quietly contemplating the subject matter and the world around us.  If this is what the play expects of its audience, then it succeeds admirably. **** Reviewed by Diane Douglas.

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