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Shelly Cooper  Rewrites History - One4Review

Shelley will probably never be one of those comediennes you could go and see thinking ok make me laugh. Shelly is and probably always will be one of those performers who makes you stop and think. She is probably not everyone’s’ cup of tea, but she has a unique form of humour I have not yet seen anyone else similar. Since my first introduction to Shelley’s humour in 2003 she has developed a more sophisticated style and has also grown in confidence with herself and performing. This years show ‘Shelly Cooper Rewrites History’ has a mixture of information about her personal totally individual history, situations from her current life, her take on history and historical leaders and finally a short section in which she chats with a guest. On this occasion it was with Toby Hadoke who’s show ‘Moths ate my Doctor Who Scarf’ is in the same space just before Shelley. Unfortunately despite being a Saturday night the audience was a bit of an unresponsive bunch, but everyone who passed me said how much they enjoyed the show. Bless you in your uniqueness Shelley I wish I owned myself as much as you own yourself and see you next Fringe, I hope! ****

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