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The Tylwyth Teg - One4Review

The Tylwyth Teg is absolutely enthralling. Rooted in the ancient art of storytelling to be found in Welsh folk-lore, this particular story is given a very modern treatment. Integral to the story is the music, sound effects and lighting, with the whole blend working magnificently. Full credit must go to Director/Designer Mark Edel-Hunt for creating this imaginative fusion. The three performers Benedict Hitchins, Rachel King and Ros Steele are brilliant. They tell the story of Penny Gill, a poor spinner, and her baby. The play is set in 1781 in a small Welsh village at the onset of the Industrial Revolution. They also perform as three malicious fairies, creating convincingly the mysticism of the underworld. In these sections, the story is performed in mime and dance. The action is slowed down at times to the point of complete quiet and stillness. The interaction between Penny Gill and the fairies is resolved at the end of the play but is there a happy ending? Perhaps not. This is a spell binding theatrical production from Apricot Theatre. *****

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