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Tommy  -  The Musical - One4Review

Spotlights Youth Theatre take on this Pete Townshend classic of Tommy, and I initially thought somewhat ambitious for a youth theatre, but being a huge Who fan I went to see how they did. I’m sure most people will be aware of the story of the deaf, dumb and blind pinball Wizard and his subsequent rise to cult status. This stage musical is not an easy piece and requires an number of strong singing voices and unfortunately there are not enough in this company. However what they do have in abundance is imaginative choreography that never quits, and the cast can perform even the most complicated routine with mind blowing ease. They also have a versatile set, that is used to create the many and various scenes that are required. The direction is also magnificent most of the time, with just the occasional blips where too much is going on and some of the action is lost. This was a superb attempt at an ambitious piece, and if only there were a couple of stronger voices it would have scored the maximum 5 stars, as it is though, I couldn’t justify that hence the score below. ****

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