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40 Feathered Winks - One4Review

The title of this play might suggest a quiet, peaceful representation of time spent in bed. It is quite the reverse. It makes huge physical demands on the five young performers, three female and two male. The play for the most part is a blend of high energy action set against an atmospheric musical background, composed and performed by Shane Durrant. There is no plot or real character development but rather a sequence of scenes depicting by physical movement activities associated with the bed from dreaming to love making. The transition from scene to scene is novel. It requires split second timing and co-ordination from the performers as they appear and disappear. Beds connect and split apart. There are a few spoken scenes to heighten the humour or to intensify a painful experience. It is an innovative and engrossing piece of theatre and credit is due to director Jemma McDonnell for realising this project.        ***

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