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ASBO! The Musical - One4Review

Darren wants to be a chav.  Well, who wouldn’t?  Chav’s are getting all the attention nowadays, especially from BBC sketch shows.  There’s only one draw back though, Darren needs an ASBO in order to ingratiate himself into the local chav gang.  And thus begins ASBO! The Musical. Performed by a cast that look like they’ve just stepped out of Hollyoaks, ‘ASBO! The Musical’ is a rather entertaining amateur affair.  The storyline is tight and adequately deals with the various plot strands of the quest to be socially unacceptable, unrequited love and mis-directed authority.  The musical numbers are well performed and although some of the singers aren’t perhaps the strongest they make up for any weak points with oodles of enthusiasm for the material.  For me, the performance by the three chavettes proved the highlight of the show as it combined music and humour to very good effect. There were a few technical glitches which did somewhat detract from the performances, however I’m sure that these will be ironed out over the course of the run.  A very pleasant way to spend 45 minutes of your afternoon. ***

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