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CHAPLIN - One4Review

We meet the old Charlie in the early hours of what will be his last day on earth. We spend time with him and his alter ego Charlie Chaplin. They both take us through a potted history of their lives. Pip Uton appears as Charlie at 88 years old who just wants to be left alone, as he starts to talk to us Chaplin, the silent clown, the little tramp, starts to interject until Charlie puts on the full makeup. We get a history from both points of view then see a short silent film which cleverly includes live action as well as the film. At the end we imaging the death of Charlie and see Chaplin waddling off into the sunset as we do at the end of all of his films. Very cleverly written and beautifully directed with close attention to detail. As usual if you go to see Pip Utton perform you know you are in for some high quality theatre. This gentleman is one of the best examples of the one-man show to regularly perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His other show this year is Adolph at the Assembly Universal Arts Freemason’s Hall. ****

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