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Chris Cox – Everything Happens for a reason - One4Review

As Chris Cox points out the title if this show gives him a get-out clause should any of his performance go wrong as ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’.  Luckily Cox never has to invoke this phrase seriously throughout his show as he is truly a master of his art. To explain a bit more about his art – Chris Cox is a mind-reader who cannot read minds, however he can plant suggestions in order to get the required result.  A bit like Derrin Brown, only far less sinister. Cox is an endearing presence on stage and his line in self-deprecating humour allows the audience to empathise with him.  The art of putting you at your ease is a pertinent one as there is every chance that you may be called upon at any time to participate in his act.  Through the sheer act of catching a cuddly ferret I found myself up on stage where  Cox managed to ‘read my mind’ successfully.  It was very impressive and I genuinely have no idea how he did it.  Maybe whilst I was up there he planted the suggestion that I should give him a good review, but he needn’t have bothered.  This is a low-key show which is thoroughly engrossing and quite, quite gobsmacking. ****

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