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Dan Clark – Unfangled - One4Review

You have to like Dan Clark, he undertook a sponsored walk when he was 13.  Of course, he kept all the money and spent it on Hubba Bubba, but that’s beside the point.  His initial aim with this story is to make us like him, and throughout the course of this show he more than succeeds.  Last year Clark’s show revolved around his addiction to technology.  This year he’s attempting to point out the idiosyncrasies of communicating via technology – kisses on the end of text messages that you wouldn’t relay in public, making friends via social networking sites and the possibility of carrying out a lifetime’s relationship online.  At times Clark threatens to be upstaged by members of his own audience but he manages to keep the attention solely on him through his amusing observations and he hammers home the laughs through a succession of perfect punchlines. Clark is a funny guy, and his material is more than relevant to our increasingly technology driven lifestyles.  If you’re fed up of Facebook or bored of Bebo then go see Dan Clark, he knows how you feel. ****

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