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Doing My Bit - One4Review

This smashing theatre experience commences at a ‘meeting’ for Bitches where Lesley is attending, but does not want to be there and storms off and so the tale begins. Following attending a fancy dress party, Lesley wakes up in her hallway minus car, keys, bag, mobile and her all important necklace, but in a possession of aubergines and wine, and no real memory as to how she got there. In trying to get her life back in kilter she introduces us to Ahbed, the mini cab driver who she vaguely remembers giving the necklace to, and needs to find to get it back, Mohammed, a neighbour, Gregor, a Pole, Paco her friends Columbian boyfriend, Kabul, a Kebab shop owner, all the people who may assist her in finding her mobile, the only link she has with the mini cab firm, and thus her only chance of recovering said necklace. But who is Bernadette? Zoe Lewis, who also wrote the play, plays all roles and breathes life into all her characters with fine acting and her accents are at all time excellent. The limited use of slides to depict places is not over used and adds to the performance. The play has a message and asks questions that should really be able to answered. But can they be? One question I would like to ask is why such a fine piece of theatre is not packing them in. This really deserves a better response than it has been getting, so go on, you’ll not regret it. ****

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