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GENESIS - One4Review

Paul Kerensa is a comedy name I have been following for sometime now, and I was surprised to see him performing in the early afternoon, in a tent on a building site, surely a later slot in a ‘proper’ venue would suit his style better. However, along with numerous of others we witnessed Paul perform Genesis, what he states will be the first of 66 years worth of shows! Kerensa as always is quite high tech in his show presentation, he has a series of slides illustrating, and occasionally not, the points he is trying to get across as he leads us through, this pun strewn, cleverly written hour on the story of the first book of the bible. At two points fellow comedians do a few minutes on their take on the story, the show I saw had Howard Reid and Jason Kavan doing their stuff, although for me, entertaining as they were, added little to the show. Kerensa is a very clever comedian, never ranting, he is a treat to witness with his cerebral humour, and unlike some I have seen this year, probably has too much material to pack in, at times he can go a little fast and does not give his extremely good material time to get the credit it deserves. I know it is in Fringe times early, I know it is in a tent on a building site, but do yourself a favour, get a ticket and get one today.   ****

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