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Janey Godley – Tell it like it is - One4Review

Every stand-up should have the ability to interact with their audience to a certain extent, but Janey Godley has that extra quality of putting you at ease right from the off.   There was a lovely atmosphere at this gig as Janey took the time to make every single attendee a member of her extended family.  As a result you find yourself comfortable in her presence as soon as you take your seat. This was the first time I’ve seen Janey and for 60 minutes I was absolutely absorbed as she recounted incidents which she observed as humorous or which stemmed from her difficult background.  Every single one provided laughs but more than that, some were profoundly touching.  A natural storyteller she appears confident enough to let her stories run and allow her instinctive comic timing play up the humour of each situation. Janey Godley’s talent is immense and I for one will ensure that I not only catch her chat show, performed daily at the Green Room, but will keep an eager eye out for future performances.  Wholeheartedly recommended. *****

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