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Zoe Lyons- Mangled Mantra of the Messed Up Modern Mind  - One4Review

It was a few years ago that I first became aware of Zoe Lyons when she was part of Th Monkey Butlers sketch group, then as part of AAA Stand up and then last year with her own full length solo show which earned her a nomination for the award for best newcomer. I can fully understand why she was nominated for this, just surprised she didn’t win. One year later Zoe is back with this years offering, exploring her mantras and if anything it is ever better than last years. Her set is packed with hilarious new material upon a variety of subjects as diverse as the cost of her new shelf, cows and sheep, living in Brighton, comedian’s carbon footprint her food tastes and the epic trip from Glasgow to London on a Meggabus. Ms Lyons is a non-threatening comedian, a pleasant demeanour and armed with her vast array of material, all of an excellent quality. There are numerous laugh out loud moments delivered with style and presence by this Brighton belle. This lady is a must see for your early evening Fringe viewing, and I hope that she will soon be nominated for best comedian awards instead of the newcomers version. *****

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