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Lucy Porter’s Love-In - One4Review

I know we have been banging on about our Lucy for years saying what a talented lady she is and how we have followed her Edinburgh career from when she was playing a tiny 50 seater gradually selling out other venues and is now doing the same the massive Pleasance One. It is strange to see such a tiny lady on a huge theatre stage rather than in the more intimate venues she has previously played, and she loves it. In fact Lucy seems to love everything and everybody. She is such a lovely comedian, even if at times she can come out with language that would shock a docker, Lucy certainly has the Ahh factor. Lucy is ‘loved up at the moment’ both in her personal life and her show entitled Love-In and her set, liberally decorated with hearts is a testimony to the fact. Her humour as always is funny, often self depreciating, seldom nasty and her interaction with her front row is gentle, and some even win prizes in her quiz as well. So if you wish to get a ticket for this Love-In with not a hippy in site, I suggest you move quickly, ‘cause even with the bigger venue her tickets are flying out of the door fast. ****

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