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Nick Pynn – Opaque - One4Review

Mr Nick Pynn first came to our attention whilst keeping Boothby Graffoe, comedy genius, under control and supporting him musically. I would also class Nick as a genius, in his own right, it would be difficult to surpass his musical talents. I am used to seeing him play the violin and occasionally guitar, I was therefore surprised and delighted to see the wide variety of instruments he can play. Some of these instruments he has made himself. The sounds and melodies he is able to entice out of these inanimate objects could almost make you believe they have a life of their own. I often enjoy music most whilst relaxing with my eyes closed, to allow my imagination to produce pictures arising from the sounds I am listening to. On this occasion it would be such a waste not to watch this good-looking man with these magical fingers perform. I will be able to indulge my aural pleasure in the future as I bought one of his CD’s and if I get the chance I will get back for more.  His venue is very small and a little difficult to find but it is such an amazing delight it is worth making the effort. ****

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