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Not in my name! – The Trial of Niccolo Machiavelli - One4Review

Michael McEvoy‘s own one man play is a portrayal of the complexity of Machiavelli’s personality and motives. Machiavelli’s name is synonymous with duplicity but is the historical record of his conduct oversimplified and distorted? Machiavelli arrives on stage in a state of confusion. Is he in limbo between life and death? He assumes he is in a trial situation. He argues his case, justifying his actions in changing allegiances because he had higher ideals, those being the welfare and security of his native Florence. As the play draws to a close, he surprisingly turns the tables and changes from defendant to accuser. He is convinced of his own innocence but does America in the 21st century stand guilty? Michael McEvoy effectively brings Machiavelli to life, but I found the ending conveniently contrived. Nevertheless, it is a serious play, challenging assumed and unthinking viewpoints. ***

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