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Pretty Dirty Things  -  Free - One4Review

I must admit I was very dubious of the Free Fringe. If they were that good why do it for free was my initial reaction so I tended to shy away initially, but I think I could well have been wrong. The ladies from Pretty Dirty Things were an example of what was very right with this innovative style of comedy. Three acts and a compere for nothing! Can’t be bad can it? Compere Paul Ricketts opened proceedings with a gentle but amusing warm up. I’ve never in all my time of attending comedy been invited to lie about who I am and what I did before. This novel opening set the tone for what was a very enjoyable if slightly unattended hour. Opening act was the stunning Sajeela Kershi. A BBA, Ms Kershi royally entertained us for her set with an awful lot of good material, okay a fair amount based around her ethnicity, I loved her reasons for not becoming a dominatrix, and for me her set was all too short. From the moment Maureen Younger hit the stage she was straight into her set, mostly self depreciating about he perceived size and penchant for younger men, but went down pretty damn well with the crowd and her audience interaction was excellent. Final act Verity Welsh was different again. She was very into asking questions of the audience and giving her answer independently to the answer given. Her set seemed shorter than the others, but she still packed in a load of material, most of which drew audience to react, and mostly favourably. This is now the third Free Festival act I’ve seen and the quality of each is very good. Okay, they have to eat so a voluntary donation is suggested, but given the price of top tickets, this is an exceptionally good way for getting a very enjoyable hour of comedy for a few quid. ****

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