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Prodigal Daughter - One4Review

After thirty years of living in the USA Mina, Mandi Sebassio-Ong , returns to the land of her birth, Korea, but why are things so strained in the family home. Her mother, Felicity Steel, and younger sister Teresa Koari Hananoto, are not very welcoming and it seems nosey neighbour Mrs Kang, Elizabeth Semmel was unaware of her existence. On a outing the mother and daughters have a chance encounter with an American General, David Dawkins, and his aide, Brook Sykes, and the encounter of mother and General indicate that there is a history between them. But what? A visit to Mina’s father’s grave together with other family members shed little light, but as the play progresses the terrible secrets of time long gone are gradually revealed and some of the situations are made clearer. This is a compelling play, with good acting, sound direction and a versatile set, a performance that was over all too soon for me and would enhance one’s early afternoon viewing.   ****  

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