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AAA Stand-Up  - One4Review

I have been a keen supporter of this annual show for a number of years as it seems to be an ideal opportunity for up and coming comedians to get a taste of Edinburgh but without having the pressure of a full show to deal with. Many go on to bigger things the likes of Tom Wrigglesworth, Christian Reilly and Zoe Lyons have all been part of this in recent years. This years incumbents are Paddy Lennox, Tom Craine and Maff Brown and it was a typically drunken Friday night audience that were at the show the night I went. Northern Irishman Paddy Lennox had the unenviable job of starting off proceedings. In spite of the odds seemed totally unfazed and did his job very well with some extremely funny material. I’m sure this guy has a great future. Tom Craine came next and unfortunately seemed to go down less well with the packed house, but as one of the few sober ones there I thought the guy had potential. Maff Brown was the final act. This geezer with wild hair and boundless energy and enthusiasm gained control again and what seemed to be an all too short set packed with funny material was certainly the icing on the cake. ****

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