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ABFCAP: The Life and Times of Ian Dury - One4Review

This play lifts the lid on aspects of the life of Ian Dury whose songs, with their driving beat and clever lyrics, sound just as powerful as they did when they were first released more than two decades ago. It depicts in three scenes his fiery relationship with Spider Rowe, a one time criminal, who became friend, minder and tour manager. The first scene is set in 1980 when Dury was at the height of his fame. Fond of getting drunk, he had an almost pathological weakness to violently insult friends and admirers. Spider Rowe is seeking an apology for the way he treated his girl friend, but none is forthcoming and their friendship collapses. It becomes apparent that Dury used his disability from contracting polio as a child as a defence mechanism. The play moves on to 1990 when Spider visits him after the death of the drummer in Dury’s backing band, The Blockheads. They reminisce and plan future projects, but there is still a tension in their relationship. The final scene in 2000 shows Spider alone when he is informed of Dury’s death. He recounts his final years and the continued turbulence in his life. This production succeeds on several levels. There is the revelation of the tortured life of Ian Dury but on a deeper level the relationship between the two men. Jed Charlton makes a convincing Ian Dury both in his acting role and singing performance of Dury’s best known hits. Jed Darcy as Spider Rowe is magnificent in a role equally as important. Writer and director Jeff Merrifield has done a remarkable job in realising such a fascinating production. ****

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