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Eleanor Tiernan & John F O'Donnell - Irish American  - One4Review

Eleanor Tiernan, sister of former Perrier Award winner Tommy is part of this show which is billed as a paring and when welcome into the venue by the lady herself, the running order written on a flip chart indicates a full hour with sketches stand up even ballroom dancing as ingredients but as we settle down it appears something is missing!! Where’s John? Eleanor phones him and leaves a message, but like the true pro she is gets on with parts of the show she can do on her own. As a stand up it is obvious that comedy runs in the Tiernan genes, okay as yet she has a while to go to reach her brother’s status, but she is funny, numerous belly laughs are forthcoming from the select audience that are watching this young Irish woman. Material is wide ranging, supermodels, female comedians, Amsterdam red-light district, cars and yoga are some of the subjects she touches on. But there is more to Ms Tiernan than this she can and does play the violin, writes poetry and is trying to write a sit-com and as John still has not appeared enlists the assistance of an audience member to promote the early drafts all to great effect. Nearly at the end now, always finish on a song, Eleanor delivers a version of ‘This is the Moment’, and as a singer she makes a fine stand-up. So no John throughout, but who needs him? Eleanor has proved she is more than capable on her own and I look forward to seeing more emerging talent. ****

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