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Funk it up About Nothin' - One4Review

I admit to actually loving Shakespeare, that was why several years ago I went to see ‘A Bom Bitty of Errors’. This was a Rap, Hiphop street musical version with four performers and a DJ who also did some beat box/boom box, I was hooked, I absolutely loved it and it left me wanting more and the guys were fabulous. Imagine my delight when I saw the same company were going to do ‘Funk it up About Nothin’. I don’t know Much ado about Nothing as well as I do Comedy of Errors, I’m still not into that type of music but this "ad-RAP-tation" is fantastic. Created directed and performed by brothers GQ and JQ. GQ and JQ are joined on stage by Jackson Doran, Stephanie Kim, Postell Pringle, Erica Ratcliff and DJ Adrienne Sanchez. The whole cast are amazing, singing dancing, quick changes, multiple characterisation and following the Bard’s totally straight forward plots! In this day and age I am sure if Shakespeare was taught in schools using this sort of production as a teaching aid we’d have many more kids into his plays than ever. The whole place rocked, you could feel the positive vibes throughout the auditorium. Whether you want to see a new adaptation of a favourite play, hear some upbeat sounds, see some slick moves or just have a great time go and see ‘Funk it up About Nothin’. *****

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