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Hero - One4Review

‘Hero’ is a musical with a Greek chorus but it certainly is no Greek Tragedy. Telephos (Mathew Knott) seller of lucky charms is in despair, all the bad-luck in the world seems to be focused on him and the whole of Thebes. Despite his best friend Cora (Sara Boomsma) the thief, trying to cheer him up. Even when a hero in the shape of Megisthes (Tom Cane) defeats a monster, things instead of improving get worse. Telephos sees Idra (Anna Gillingham) a slave being sold by Balaska (Jonny Kangasooriam) entrepreneur, but the fates intervene, and Idra is killed. Add to the situation that the emblem of power of the God’s has been stolen that to mortals it looks like an ordinary stone and you have a twisted plot to rival any Lloyd Webber musical. "Hero" is beautifully written by Ben Nicholls who is also a co-producer, musical director and arranged the orchestrations. The original book and Lyrics are by Ashley Riches. In this musical Cambridge University ADC are displaying hopes for the continuing success of Musical Theatre. This show is well written, designed, choreographed, directed and beautifully performed by a talented enthusiastic cast. It was yet another of those shows I walked out of thinking I would have liked a CD to listen to a few times before returning to see the show again. ****

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