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I Love you, you're perfect, Now - Change!    (O. O. T. B. Th.) - One4Review

Currently the longest running musical ‘off Broadway’ "I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!" returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Out of the Bubble Theatre presents a very slick well-directed and choreographed piece thanks to Rob Wilkes. Beautifully written with scope for companies to put some of their own slant on the material, we follow the story of relationships from first meetings through, developing sexual awareness, deepening feelings, weddings, families and more. This production is superb and well worth seeing whether from a musical or comedy point of view. It certainly helps when the raw material you are working with is of top quality, the performers Ruth Laverick, George Hicks, Megan Davies and Alex Wingfield are all superb vocally, look good, move well and their timing is pretty slick. Musicians Chris Illingworth, Grant Russell and Alastair McLachlan manage to keep the performers under control, entertain us during short set and costume changes whilst never detracting from the action. I almost feel sorry for Fiona Barker who has the unenviable task as stage manager of having all costumes, props and set changes just perfect and they were.  It would be unfair to Amy Newman and Rob Wilkes the two understudies, I hope they get a chance or two to go on. ****

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