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Marlene Dietrich  - One4Review

Over the years I have gone to productions in several different languages none of which I have any knowledge of. This year it was Georgian with English subtitles!! The Tbilisi Vaso Abashidze State Theatre of Music & Drama, Georgia are presenting ‘Mystery of Marlene Dietrich Exposed by Georgians’, a very Eastern version of a very Western story. Author and director David Doiashvili introduces Marlene Dietrich (Eka Kakhiani) as a lady advanced in years, reminiscing episodes of her life to a young psychoanalyst (Archil Solghashvili). This celluloid femme-fatale is expressing her views on, youth, love, sex, wartime politics, patriotism and Hollywood through personal memories. As the young psychoanalyst is drawn further in to her world is his professionalism dissolving into a worshiping obsession. Throughout the show we are shown film of what is going through Marlene’s head, we also meet characters from her past both fact and fictional portrayed by Marina Djokhadze, Manana Tatishvili, Giorgi Kvelashvili, Lasha Ramishvili, Salome Kipiani, Alexandre Begalishvili,Akaki Topuria, Loseb Muziashvili and Garry Bagdasarov. I was, totally intrigued by this show and was able to follow it fairly well. It is at times surreal, others fantastical and others very dark. An interesting performance and one I am glad I got to see. ****

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