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The Wreckers of Red Rock - One4Review

The Wreckers of Red Rock is described as Buffy meets Gilbert and Sullivan in a new Fringe musical! Firstly, I am still awaiting the Buffy references, all I saw was a dark man in a cloak who comes out at night!!  G & S okay, it is loosely based on ‘Pirates’, gender swapping and song adaptation take the tail to Red Rock village.  It is here the innocent Maggie McPhee, Josie Kingdon, lives with her mother Jessie, Elspeth Noble. Maggie walks the cliffs at night with a lantern looking for her beloved, little realising she is the cause of the many wrecks on the rocks below. Encouraged by the mysterious William Blackheart, the village women scavenge the loot washed up by the wrecks, pushing survivors back in to the sea, giving their plunder to Blackheart. Molly O’Brian, Lucy De Butts and her best friend Faith Jarvis, Alimay Wilson are the ring leaders and grow increasingly disheartened because they can not marry their true loves as every man in the village has joined the Revenue Office sworn to capture and imprison the looters. Hamish Walters, David Dennison and his friend Seth Appleby are the leaders of this cowardly crew. They have cut down patrols to midday and midnight and published these times so that they can avoid meeting the pirates. Then along comes William Valiant, Guy Routledge, Revenue Man Extrodinaire. Brought up on the Naval vessel the Valiant after loosing his parents, presumed drowned, in a storm 19 years before. William and Maggie meet, fall in love yet he persuades her to continue one last time to walk along the cliff tops to aid in the capture of the looters and we all know things end happily ever after. Quite a nice idea, cleverly written but I feel needs a little more polish. ***

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