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Blood From Stone - One4Review

Night falls in the museum, as the Tour Guide escorts the last visitors from the building something strange happens. Some of the statues come alive, The Archer (Tom Oakley) has been having day dreams during his night when the others walk the halls, why doesn’t his room have a window he could see so much more. He shares his gallery with Daedalus (Bradley Minchin), Daedalus has taken Archer under his wing after the death of Icarus. We also meet Salome (Stacia McKee), He (Guy Dorey), She (Emily Jukes) and the dreaded Bust (Ffion Williams). During this particular night Archer meets She, they fall in love and both want to escape from the museum. Meanwhile the Tour Guide (Thomas Chambers) returns to the museum to discover Faith (Elanor Williams) sneaking round the rooms. Faith tells him she wants to sketch ‘The Lovers’ He and She, but is secretly there to destroy them. Will the two worlds collide? Can Archer and She become flesh and blood? Will Faith destroy ‘The Lovers’ or will she find love? As for Bust is she as scary as they make out? Fairly well written but lacking in a blockbusting musical number, this production is well performed except when there are voices off stage, when nothing can be heard clearly. The set is simple yet very effective as are the costumes. The singing voices are very pleasant but not earth shattering. All in all a very pleasant musical with bags of scope. ***

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