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Celtic Revelry - One4Review

As a member of the local folk club I decided to give the show ‘Celtic Revelry’ a go. You are greeted by the Green Man; Vinnie Linares and Lord Cameron; Cameron Keys and offered a wee dram o welcome. You are then treated to some Celtic music from England, Ireland, Scotland and the USA. The songs are twisted through and help to tell the story of Kate; Dana Koellner, a fair maiden in search of love and freedom. Laird Devlin; Joe Spangler will either have the maids maidenhood or gold for the broken promise. He has his cousin Michael help see whether she is constant or not. Michael; David Jenkins falls for her himself. See how the twisted tail unravels its Celtic knot. Dolly Ashley Jones, Rosabelle; Karen Stavash and Rory; Sierra Rein help in the singing and telling of tails. The Musicians are Alfred Woolf, Kathyrn Cann, Judy Waters, Ginny Morgan and Robin Houston. Early Music Maui is dedicated to bringing historical music to life using drama, actors, historical instruments and costumes. EMM have been performing on the island of Maui Hawaii since 1991.  Website . A very light fun show with good music, costumes and a tale who’s ending is up to you! ***

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