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Jet Set Go! - One4Review

This is a cheery, rather camp musical set in the world of airlines and features trolley dollies and pilots on a plane en route from London to New York with a stop over before the return. The eight strong cast of Sarah Barratt, Katie Birthill, Kaytee Crook, Maddie Moate, Nick Cork, Alex Johnston, Tom Lee and Mark Senior are well caste as the vibrant crew and are all more than a match to the story line and lyrics of Jake Brugner and the lyrics and music of Pippa Cleary, who have put together a fun 75 minutes worth of songs an gently funny, bouncy script. The eight characters all have their own foibles and although there are a lot of actors, these attributes are brought out well. This show appears to have no pretensions about it, it is written as a fun piece and is played as such. The measure of how popular this has become, is that I have spoken to quite a few people who have been a few times already and are still going back for more. That says it all as far as I am concerned. ****

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