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Jim Bowen - Look What You Could Have Won  - One4Review

Jim Bowen very definitely belongs to the ‘old-school’ stable of comedians so in a way it’s interesting to see him at the Fringe, competing for an audience against some of the shiny comedy newcomers.  Due to ‘Bullseye’s’ epic run on television screens there’s obviously a nostalgic pull to his show and Bowen embraces this fully.  As he opens his show he reminisces about various acts who gained fame, and later notoriety, through the 70’s show ‘The Comedians’.  His ability to tell a story is never in doubt and he makes sure that there are laughs for all. The show then leads, as so many of these lunchtime shows do, into a chat with some of the aforementioned shiny comedy newcomers.  Bowen’s introduction of the first act, Kerry Godliman, raises one of the biggest laughs as his producer has to rush on stage to inform Bowen that Godliman is a ‘she’ and not a ‘he’.  This could have proved uncomfortably embarrassing but Bowen and Godliman both manage to get some mileage out of the mistake. The third section of the show involves the albatross around Bowen’s neck that is ‘Bullseye’.  Although referred to as ‘that thing’ it’s obvious that Bowen has a grudging fondness for the show, admitting that it’s made his career.  It’s probably fair to say that had the show never existed then neither would Bowen’s run at the Fringe.  A mini game of ‘Bullseye’ is played on stage and has the audience chanting along with all the well known catchphrases.  All in all it’s a nice little lunchtime show and it has a certain ramshackle charm.  Even if you don’t know who Jim Bowen is it’s still worth paying him a visit over August in order to see a member of the old guard at work. ***

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