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Jo Caulfield : Two Faced Bitch  - One4Review

Jo Caulfield is a well known performer on TV and radio so perhaps that given this higher profile attracted a slightly more mature audience. Jo on the radio and Jo as a stand up are two different animals though . Does this make her two faced? She is a keen observer of life and people and is not afraid to speak her mind . Does this make her a bitch? ‘No’ she says, ‘Just honest and right!!’ What she always has no matter the medium, is keenly observational, well written and immaculately delivered by this extremely funny woman. Ms Caulfield plays to, and with, her audience, selection potential candidates prior to the show and interacting with then, eliciting information and opinions on numerous issues. She has strong opinions on a number of  things The Apprentice, the Shannon Matthews case, Russell Brand for example and her embracing of modern technology with Sat Nav and her dabbles with Facebook and e-bay are a source of several minutes of first class comedy. I personally do not find Jo Two Faced, or a bitch, just an excellent example of stand-up at its best, and a supporter of the Fringe as a whole which cannot be a bad thing. ****

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