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Lady Garden  - One4Review

Shiraz Productions are a Manchester based group of six young women who all met at University and are Hannah Dodd, Beattie Edmondson, Rose Johnson, Jessica Knappett, Eleanor Thom and Camille Ucan and are making their Fringe debut in 2008. This self written show has all the right ingredients of it’s genre, sketches songs running gags and a variety of characters to sustain it’s 50 minute running time, yet as with most of this type of show some material is better than others, but the opening number grabbed the attention from the off. A front row of Dutchmen, who had been attracted to the show by either the titles or the girls themselves out flyering, forming somewhat of a barrier between the stage and the rest of us maybe detracted from the experience, but I felt there was more potential in the company than I saw during the performance. Still, it’s unlikely that these guys will be in the front row again so if you attend I’m sure you’ll have an enjoyable time. ***

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