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Lynn Ferguson  -  The  Plan - One4Review

In a play co written with Elly Brewer ‘The Plan’ we see Lynn Ferguson as the Angel of Death aka the Grim Reaper, not that she is overly angelic or at all grim. In between keeping the statistics of deaths as reported on all the worlds news bulletins and playing Sudoko she relives some of her favourite recent demises. There are times she connects with us directly, usually just before a section to pay more attention to. Other times it is back to that brick wall between performer and the audience. Each of the deaths she covers are very different from the other, at first we do not realise we are seeing someone’s last moments. Very cleverly written this play almost bids the question what sort of warped mind thinks this way. The changes from character to character are visually subtle until the vocals and body movements begin. Lynn’s performance is superb and fascinating and I look forward to seeing ‘Heart & Sole’ her other offering this Fringe. To enjoy an offering from one of Scotland’s own actress / playwrights Lynn Ferguson you have two choices ‘The Plan’ or ‘Heart & Sole’ both at the Gilded Balloon until 25th August. ****

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