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Miss Sign-On - One4Review

Although I have seen a lot of musicals over the years and although we are huge fans of the genre, neither Sheila or myself had come across this one before and always keen to try new ones, I decided to check it out. With a poster that is a lot reminisant of a certain Boublil & Schonberg production to catch the eye this ‘Untold story of a Diva on the Dole’ by Stefan Bednarczyk and Jamie Read unfold. The Diva, Marnie Baumer, is found on the closing night of her tour de force ‘Stuttgart Nights’ and this not quite so young as she used to be diva has nothing on the horizon work wise. The post show party sees her meet up with Martin, Marlon Moore, who wants her to be his muse. Relationships develop, work doesn’t fall in her lap and auditions fail to achieve much prospects. All is looking black, until… The myriad of other characters are played by an exceptionally talented cast of Ben Tolley, Alice Keedwell, Jamie Anderson and Claire Greenway who can all sing, dance and act the roles just right.. Given that they are playing in what is in essence a very large portacabin, they set is exceptionally well designed and the choreography and direction very good., however, I didn’t feel that there were many songs within the show that were memorable. Overall though a fine way to spend just over an hour. ****

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