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Wax!  The Musical - One4Review

Set in the basement of a waxworks museum where certain models have been taken because they aren’t perfect. We meet the current curator and Don, Don works in the museum doing everything except making the models, he is an orphan and it is almost his 21st birthday. None of the models know who they are and have taken names based on what the visitors to the museum have said on passing. They all have chips installed, which enable them to speak at the touch of a button. Tiny the latest addition to the basement bears a stunning resemblance to Kylie Minogue and as a fully paid up member of her fan club Don is in love with her. When totally alone the models come alive, the individual characters speak using lyrics from their characters King – Elvis, M – Madonna / Monroe, Jack – Michael Jackson etc, they all have a solo number in their particular style as well. This is an interesting concept for a musical, most of the performances were fairly creditable but the biggest problem with the show is we just cannot hear the lyrics for the musical numbers.  Even sitting on the front row the lyrics were unintelligible, drowned out by the pre-taped music. When the performers sing together the words are clearer. Reasonable storyline with some good performances but for me needs a little more work. ***

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