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Have A Nice Life - One4Review

This is a musical in development by Conor Mitchell, who created the book, music and lyrics, and is version two. Version three will be staged in New York later in the year. However, this version is set in a group therapy session run by Neville, Bart Edwards, where the group of six misfits, Amy, Jennie Done, Jean, Tamsin Dowsett, Chris Will Rogers, Frank, Alex Plagetis, Barbara, Abi Omonua and Sheila, Daniella Bowen are thrown together in this Northern Ireland setting. With nearly twenty musical numbers and a good use of dialogue, each of these dysfunctional characters reacts and reacts with the group as each reveals their problems and part of themselves. This show does not have many major tunes one would leave the theatre whistling, however it does have an exceptionally strong cast who sing and dance well, is well directed and has a simple up very effective set. One slight critisism for me anyway, the deployment of the MD Simon Sharp on the apron meant that he was a little too loud at times for the un-miked actors, and did occasionally detract from, the action. Still, all in all it was a very creditable performance of a different musical and is certainly well worth checking out. ****

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