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Frankenstein! - One4Review

I have been a fan of Shrewsbury School productions and the writing of Moor, Went and Fanning since 1995 when I first saw ‘Jekyll!’, we enjoyed it so much we went twice. I also loved ‘The Time Machine’ 1997 and was delighted when Jekyll! came back in 1998, ‘The Lost Domain’ 2000 and ‘The Bubble’ 2002 didn’t capture my imagination quite as much. The 2004 production of ‘Into the Woods’ had technical problems on the night I was in. I was initially delighted to see Shrewsbury back with a new musical by Fanning and Moore, ‘Frankenstein!’ once again I was faced with technical problems. It was the third night of the run and despite arriving at the venue early I had to wait 45 minutes before getting in to the venue, 25 minutes after the start time, to be told to sit at the side as a bus load had booked face on seats. Settled in eventually watching a wonderful spectacle, sumptuous costumes interesting movement but unable to hear 3/4 of the lyrics, even my ability to lip-read didn’t help. Whether they were still having technical problems or the band was just too loud I’m not sure. I asked three separate groups of people from three different areas and they all had similar things to say.  Those numbers I was actually able to hear sounded very good. Sadly this experience will make me think twice about going to see them again. ***

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