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Pippin - 3 stars *** - One4Review

Pippin – 3 stars ***

| On 24, Aug 2015

Pippin is one of those shows you either love or hate. In the same vein as Godspell, it’s very much a concept musical with a troupe of actors telling stories, in this case about Pippin, a prince looking for a purpose in life.

What makes Pippin work professionally is the circus setting, it’s the acrobatics and physical theatre which creates a visual feast of entertainment. Take that away and you have a simple show with one song, debatably two. Now while this production had lots of choreographed movement it lacked the circus skills to make it work, with cuts to Glory for example. The makeup needs work and the costumes looked really ill-fitting, it just didn’t look right.

Accents varied (dialogue in RP/English and singing in American for example) and apart from some very strong ensemble singing the solo work and dialogue was very quiet. The small band, with an excellent brass section, worked hard to keep volumes down but the cast really needed mics (a common issue with this venue).

For fans of Pippin this production might satisfy but I doubt it will bring in new fans.

Review by Alan.

C -1
Until 31st August


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