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Towards the Moon - One4Review

5 stars

I really like this new work by Andrew McGregor, even in this reduced version it is still nicely crafted and works well.

The music is beautiful, very apt to the story and nicely sung by all (I particularly liked the ‘three dimensional’ opening vocals). The music is accompanied by an off-stage piano but often played on-stage by the actors on guitars – it blends in seemlessly with the piece and the excellent direction ensures it never gets in the way. Very nicely done.
Story-wise there is a lot of good character development going on and while the main storyline may be standard fayre that’s not a bad thing. There is a lot of good theatre out there which is based on standard tales and beliefs and audiences tend to like watching things they know about. In this case I was particularly reminded of Tommy McHugh as a real-life example.

I also liked the Scottish references – it’s nice to have some quality home-grown shows being developed yet which still have a wider appeal too.

Definitely a show to look out for.

Review by Alan

2-26 August (even dates, not 20th)


  1. I had never heard of Tommy McHugh, fascinating stuff! Thanks for the link and the lovely review, glad you enjoyed the show.

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