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Dan Mitchell - Free Egg - One4Review


Dan Mitchell has lots of potential, which is usually a nice way of saying the show wasn’t very good. In this case, it’s not strictly true. There are some aspects in need of attention – overlong pauses between words, a few sequences not quite up to scratch, a slightly slow start after a ludicrously (fun) ‘pizzazy’ entrance – but overall, I left with a good impression. I’d like to see what he does next year.

Dan’s comedy is fairly intelligent (it isn’t, despite his introduction, mostly willy jokes), interspersed with bits that’ll make you groan – which Dan knows and doesn’t mind. There are elements which have the potential to completely fail, but Dan manages to make even that failure funny (and deserves respect for taking the risk). He has a keen eye for the absurd, but it’s not so absurd that it loses the audience, with whom the relationship he created was lovely.

Not, overall, the best comedy show you’ll see this Fringe, but perhaps the best one next year. Despite this, it’s an enjoyable hour.

Reviewed by Laura

Assembly Roxy

until 27th Aug, 22:30

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