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Mephisto Waltz - One4Review


This show isn’t going to be for everyone. It does not present a conventional narrative. The soundtrack does not consist of only music – there’s noise and snippets of recordings and soundscapes. It tends more to the physical theatre than dance section of the fringe programme. You might consider it downright weird.

The company are five dancers, three women and two men, although you’ll have to look hard beyond the bald heads to differentiate. While the main character is always identifiable, the baldness and uniform costumes make the other four entirely interchangeable (which was the point. I think). There may not be a comprehensive thread, but there are some lovely moments, as with the paper butterflies, as well as some funny ones, reminiscent of clowns.

The majority of the audience had clearly not chosen to see this show on a whim. They knew what to expect and were highly appreciative – as were the company of their reception. There isn’t a huge amount of emotion on display within the piece, but the smiles at the end show this company clearly loves what they do.

A (very) open mind will be essential if you do chose to see this show – but you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

Reviewed by Laura

Assembly Roxy

until 27th Aug, 20:00 (1hr 20)


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