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Shakespeare for Breakfast - One4Review

Those clever Shakespeare for Breakfast people have managed to do it again.. They have succeeded in getting me, the most confirmed Bard Philistine in the Fringe to a play with the dreaded ‘S’ word in the title and at 10.00am as well!! If anyone out there is not aware of the format, well, a selection of fine young actors, this years troupe being Angela Bleasdale, Rebecca ‘Bex’ Cooper, Mark Gibbs, Ishwar Maharaj and Tegwen Tucker and put a spin on the works of W.S., well maybe a major reworking would be a better description with The Lost Musicals! They employ every known device to entertain and succeed big style. Divas, stagehands, pretentious directors and camp choreographers are just some of the folk we meet in this most dubious of musicals. I’m not going to spoil the entertainment value by giving a synopsis of the plot, what I will say is that there are fine performances from one and all, good writing, tight direction amusing songs well sung and free coffee and croissants to boot. Go on, get up early and enjoy the show … you know you want too!!!! ****  

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