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On The Island of Aars - One4Review

Did you know that in the oldy Celtic ancienty Scottishy language the word aars means turtle? No? Neither did I till I visited the Island of Aars at Pleasance Above. This particularly petite place is habited by some peculiar people whose pleasantly peaceful existence is about to be shattered by bureaucracy and a Health and Safety inspector. We meet the inhabitants who live their solitary lives with much singing and church going. Morag has only ever met men who always wear trousers and ladies only ever wear skirts, more than a little confusing when the female inspector is gay. This four person one pianist musical play is very clever, enjoyable and lots of fun, the music is catchy and I would like a copy. This sort of gem makes Fringe viewing fun and should be prescribed as a tonic to cheer people up. The cast are Barbara Drennan, Chris Larner, Laura Main, Michael Wilson and if I am correct pianist Mark Stevens. ****

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