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The City Club - One4Review

From the director of "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens" a hard act to follow!  But who Knows???
The production company for ‘Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens’ bring you ‘The City Club’.  Apart from the settings, both are set in nightclubs, and story lines including, love, lust and murder, these two shows are like chalk and cheese. The City Club is an extremely sophisticated jazz club, where the boss Chaz (Philip Hayden) is trying to be different formal the other joints in town. No watered down drinks, no drugs, no loose women and no gangsters. His barman Doc (Neil Sheffield) and his right hand man Crystal (Fiona Staniland) seem to back him up fully on this. However as protection rackets and greedy lawmen get hold of the club things start to go down hill fast. We are introduced to Prince the singer with the clubs band, who likes to live life to the full, getting a buzz from anything from drink through drugs, from women to playing Russian roulette, ably if only briefly played by one of today’s performing legends Ronnie Golden. Although quietly different I can see ‘The City Club’ gaining its own cult following, perhaps not to the extent of its predecessor but certainly a loyal and dedicated following. ****

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