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Neil Delamere: Creme Delamere  - One4Review

I don’t know what it is about Ireland but it seems that there must be something in the water that helps in producing great comedians. There hardly seems to be a year that goes by that at least other one comes to my attention and these guys just rock. It was right towards the end of last years Fringe that I first encounter Neil Delamere on a Best of Irish gig at the Stand Comedy Club and noted his name for further investigation which I finally got to do yesterday. Playing to a packed Wildman room at the Assembly Rooms the guy was electric. His initial audience banter elicited a number of suitable victims, although I use the term loosely as he is not nasty, just having a craick. As with many of his peers Neil occasionally gets sidetracked from a story, but always gets back to it eventually. Stories of his travels to Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand  have scope for his own take on what happened to him and boy does this guy do things. As good as all these stories are, for me the top one is the incident that led to him being banned from Ryan Air, but you will just have to try and get a ticket to find the story’s end. Delamere is a star performer. It won’t be long in my opinion before he is rivalling the existing top names for the biggest spaces and I predict there will still be difficulty in getting a ticket. *****

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