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New World Order - One4Review

Much acclaimed as a actor, writer even musician Ryan J-W Smith creator of the much loved and acclaimed Loves Labours Won is premiering his latest work in the Fringe this year. This show was originally set to play at The Bongo Club while, the afore mentioned Shakespeare homage was on at the Gilded Balloon. However due to company differences of opinion his new piece is now playing at the GB while Loves Labours Won has been cancelled. In this one man epic written by, and starring the man himself, Smith gives a extremely powerful performance as a world leader leading his nation to war. Playing all roles Smith’s own style is to the fore as this production, obviously set in modern times and perhaps based around the USA’s current administration, however the script is written in the almost Shakespearian style that Smith excels at. The performance, is both hard hitting, yet humorous at times and gives ample scope for the talented all rounder to showcase his writing and acting skill. This is certainly not a lightweight ,fluffy piece of theatre, it however is superbly performed throughout and is something that I’m sure will further enhance Smith’s name in the theatrical world. ***** 

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