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Sammy J In the Forest of Dreams  - One4Review

Sammy J is slightly disillusioned with life having grown up living by the ethos of Disney films he has discovered there are no genie, or good fairy’s and it’s unlikely he’ll discover a happy ending. His electricity is cut off and he is transported through a portal in to ‘The Forest of Dreams’, the first clue he gets to just how strange this place is when he meets a talking tree with its own talking squirrel. He encounters and befriends Farlow and other woodland dwellers, before meeting the King and organising a woodland revolt! Sammy J is an Australian with great looks and a lovely singing voice, he is also an award-winning comedian. In this show he has teamed up with puppeteer Heath McIvor in presenting this spectacular musical for adults with puppets a sort of irreverent homage to Disney. Selling out most nights this is an amazingly clever show, which audiences of all ages seem to love. Sammy J is as charismatic as he is funny, his timing is fairly slick considering just how many entrances and exits he has. All the puppets have individual characters from the downright sweet to almost absolute evil. Given the amount of characters in the show I was surprised to see it was only Sammy and Heath. A spectacular show on so many levels it’s surprising the audience can tear themselves away. *****

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